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Web Camera Pro: your personal watchdog.

Web Camera Pro is a free home video surveillance software that offers a range of features to turn your computer into a powerful DVR (Digital Video Recorder). When organizing home video surveillance, records need to be stored somewhere, so that later it is possible to view them. And this is where a DVR comes into play.
A DVR is essentially a compact computer with specialized software pre-installed on it. It allows not only to store and view records, but also provides the ability to connect to the system remotely. The process is simple: the registrar connects to the router, and then you can watch the video via your smartphone or any other gadget.
One of the important aspects of a DVR is the amount of storage it offers. The volume of the hard disk depends on how long you want to keep the records, and accordingly, its cost. Usually, records are stored no more than 2-3 weeks, which is the maximum time for the absence of the owners in the house. As a rule, all unpleasant events become known immediately, and a large archive depth is not required. It is advisable to set the capacity of the hard drive so that it lasts for 2-3 weeks.

However, if you want to increase the storage time of videos, then Web Camera Pro has got you covered. With its time-lapse and motion recording features, you can easily organize your surveillance system to record only when motion is detected or at set intervals. This means that the system will only record the necessary footage, saving you valuable storage space.

Time-lapse recording captures a series of photos or frames at set intervals and combines them into a video. This can be useful for monitoring long-term events and projects, from construction sites to weather patterns and wildlife activity. With time-lapse recording, you can easily identify patterns and trends, making it an essential tool for any surveillance system.

Motion recording, on the other hand, is triggered by any movement detected in the camera's view. This can be useful for monitoring specific areas, such as doorways or windows, where unauthorized entry may occur. With motion recording, you can ensure that only relevant footage is recorded, reducing the amount of storage space needed.

Web Camera Pro is a versatile home video surveillance software that can be easily used as a DVR. With its time-lapse and motion recording features, you can optimize your surveillance system to record only what you need, saving valuable storage space. So if you're looking for a powerful and reliable surveillance system for your home, give Web Camera Pro a try and see the difference it can make.
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