Surveillance software
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How to increase the storage time of videos? For this, it is best to organize timelapse and motion recording. Software on the computer or in the recorder usually has a special option. If the motion sensor is triggered, recording starts. But if nothing happens, then recording is not conducted. As a result, a "slicing" of events is stored on the disk, which is very convenient to view.

Home Security Camera is a system that makes video surveillance smart, changing cameras from just seeing to thinking – face recognition, object detection and real-time video content analysis.

Home Security Camera is using Computer Vision to understand everything that happens on your webcams.

* Get smart alerts that matter. Advanced algorithms pick out the activity you care about.
* "Flexible" alerts allows to be aware of a certain or unknown person visit or about any visit in a period of time.
* Organize your cameras in activity zones and configure special rules for them.
* Receive emails or fast notifications regarding any alert triggered.
* Track particular person appearing in a certain place and easily pull up those specific records from your video archive

Powerful apps for intelligent surveillance for any computer or mobile device, allow users to access video surveillance systems from anywhere.

Identify and alert when family/children come home with push notifications. Monitor your children's attendance and friends without pressure

  • Alert on unfamiliar faces on premises
  • Study your customer behaviour in shops
  • Easily track movements
  • Smart home ready for integrations